Larne is a port town in East Antrim strategically important as a gateway to Northern Ireland, the island of Ireland and for vital connectivity between NI and Great Britain. It is seeking to sustainably recover from a legacy of under-investment and decline linked to the aftermath of the NI Troubles.

A number of organisations, with proven track records from within the greater Larne area, have come together to work in a complementary partnership to create a better future for the town and its citizens : the Larne Community Wealth Building Partnership (LCWBP) which is currently comprised of :

  • Access Employment Ltd
  • Port of Larne
  • Local Economic Development Company (LEDCOM) Ltd
  • Larne Football Club

Working in partnership with Mid& East Antrim Borough Council (MEABC) and other key stakeholders, the LCWBP wishes to deliver a number of social, economic and environmental projects which  will act as a catalyst for long term measurable and scalable  growth and development. Effective integrated collaboration is the key to success.

‘Build a strong, inclusive and welcoming community where people want to
live, work and play’

What is the CWB Model?

Join us in building a more equitable, sustainable & prosperous future. There are 5 key pillars namely;

  • The socially productive use of land and property assets
  • Making financial power work for local places
  • Making financial power work for local placesPlural ownership of the economy
  • Fair employment and just labour markets
  • Progressive procurement of goods and services

Through our partnership model, we aim to bring together community leaders, business owners, and policymakers to identify the unique challenges and opportunities facing our local communities. We then aim to work collaboratively to develop solutions that build wealth and promote economic and social mobility for all.

Join us in building a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous community.

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