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Larne has struggled over decades with ‘image problem’ which has been difficult to shake however a feel-good factor has been initiated buy a sporting revolution spurred on by investment at Larne FC. History has been made with the Club becoming NIFL Champions (2023) for the first time its 134-year history. This success has galvanised the community and businesses in Larne creating civic pride and a sense of belonging.

LCWBP includes a number of local anchor organisations and businesses that recognise the value of working in partnership to continue the momentum and build upon the strengths we process locally. These strengths include, specialist business sectors at the forefront of market leading technologies, a strong social economy network, huge tourism potential situated on the spectacular Co. Antrim coast and as a port town the opportunity to develop strong East – West linkage and connectivity between the UK and Ireland.
At the heart of our approach is a commitment to community wealth building. We believe that economic development should benefit everyone in the community, not just a select few. That’s why we focus on building local ownership and control of assets, creating opportunities for local business development, and promoting economic and social mobility for all residents.

We also recognise that community wealth building requires an integrated approach that addresses a range of social, economic, and environmental factors. That’s why we are led by community anchor organisations and local businesses working alongside government agencies to develop strategies that promote sustainability, equity, and well-being.
Through our place-based planning initiatives, we aim to create a prosperous and thriving community that benefits from a higher standard of living with access to better paid jobs and opportunities to progress through relevant training and education.


With a population of 32,000 Larne and its hinterland is situated on the North-East Coast of Northern Ireland.

Within the 2025 Regional Development Strategy, ‘Shaping our Future’ Larne is highlighted for its strategic geographical importance. The departmental plan sets out Larne as a Gateway location, a Port situated on a Key Transport Corridor providing important sea, rail and road linkage both in terms of North / South connectivity and also in terms of East / West connection.

Within the current political context and ongoing concerns around protocol/’Windsor Framework’ arrangements the LCWBP members believe the time is right to build confidence within communities that feel isolated and left behind. A focus on projects targeted at strengthening East – West connectivity together with raising standards of living for citizens within the East Antrim area would be a strategically significant, timely and reassuring intervention.

Facilitated by Development Trust NI (DTNI)’s extensive knowledge and expertise in regard to CWBs, the LCWBP has brought together a willing coalition of anchor organisations from a diverse range of economic, social and sporting backgrounds. Each can demonstrate a track record of success within a variety of core interventions such as business development, training and employment, working with marginalised communities and providing much needed sports facilities that foster a sense of pride and belonging. Each organisation has been active in the area for at least 20 years however, up to this point each has worked independently of the other. The basis of this approach will be collaboration and partnership – the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Working in partnership with MEABC and other stakeholders, this approach by fostering community interaction will contribute, over time and on the basis of choice, to greater community integration: develop partnerships between public, private, voluntary and community sectors to facilitate community co-operation and involvement in securing our social, economic and environmental objectives.

The LCWBP will be an economic, social and environmental driver within the Larne area. Each of the partner organisations has already identified potential projects  which could deliver long term impact.

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