Our Partnership.

The LCWBP is in the start-up phase. Having formed with a common purpose we have identified a number of projects that will help to make our area a more resilient, successful and thriving community.

The pillars within the Community Wealth Building model will be at the forefront of our plans as we seek to create a balanced and fair approach to local development strategies.

LCWBP will now move to create a localised vision document that creates the case for investment in Larne. We will use extensive local knowledge from anchor organisations to build a platform and rationale for that investment together with detailing a number of ‘ready’ projects that will help deliver the vision.

During this phase we will actively engage with local and regional development strategies and the relevant statutory agencies to ensure we make the very best use of existing resources.

The Community Wealth Building Partnership in Larne will seek to become a driving force behind economic, social and environment improvements locally. It is a cross sectoral intervention that will seek to retain wealth locally, improve living standards and maximise the impact of development for the benefit of all.

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